Belifal 48V Solar Hybrid Inverter 2500VA with Solar Charge Controller


A purely solar power solution for general lighting load is very expensive as far as initial investment is concerned. Also, due to frequent power failure, a regular battery backup UPS/Inverter barely gets time to charge the battery from mains utility. The Hybrid Version combines solar energy and mains utility to give an excellent solution by providing the best of both worlds.

Our hybrid home UPS is designed with extreme flexibility so that you can add panels as and when required in the future to increase the percentage sharing of solar power.

  • Advanced DSP based technology for absolute and stable sine wave output.
  • Excellent electronics circuit design for smart sensing & control of all the parameters.
  • LCD indications for Mains ON, UPS ON, Batt Low, Charging, OverLoad, UPS OK.
  • Easy monitoring of current status of the system through an interactive Customized display LCD
    Dual Mode of working : UPS and Normal
  • UPS Mode : Fast switching, Input operating range from 180V to 260V.
  • Normal Mode : Wide Input operating range from 100V to 280V.
  • Closed Loop Auto Sensing Software Control (ASSC) Smart Battery Charging Technology for longer battery life.
  • Dual selectable charging current option for Normal Charging and High Charging.
  • Intelligent overload sensing circuitry with auto retries facility.
  • Programmed Inbuilt cooling fan which operates as needed with UPS thermal protection.
  • High Power new generation MOSFET capable to handle high in-rush/ surge current.
  • Indicate the health of UPS on the bezel as ‘UPS OK’.
  • Highest efficiency at lower cost.
Solar Hybrid Inverter
Parameters Normal Mode UPS Mode
Mains AC Voltage Range 100-280V(wide) minimum 180-260V
Output Voltage @ 12V/24V/36V/48V DC 200V to 220V AC 200V to 220V AC
Output Frequency 50Hz +- 0.5Hz 50Hz +- 0.5Hz
Change Over Time <40msec <10msec
Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Normal/UPS Overload 120%(for 5sec)
Normal/UPS Short Circuit 300%(for 1sec)
Technology DSP/Microcontroller based Sine Wave Technology
Auto Reset Feature Available
Solar Hybrid Charge Controller
Technology DSP/Microcontroller based intelligent battery charging and charge sharing with mains
Charge Controller Type PWM based
Peak Battery Charging Current 30Amp
Charge Controller Efficiency >=95%
PV Reverse Polarity Protection Available
Reverse Current flow to PV Module Protection Available
Solar Panel
Rating(VA) 2500
System Voltage(V) 48
Charging Current Normal Charge: 12A (+-) 1A
High Charge: 15A (+-) 1A
SPV Panel(WP Max) 3600
Charge Controller(A) 50


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