Belifal Exide Solar Hybrid Inverter 2200VA with Solar Charge Controller


Solar Hybrid Inverter
Parameters Normal Mode UPS Mode
Mains AC Voltage Range 100-280V(wide) minimum 180-260V
Output Voltage @ 12V/24V/36V/48V DC 200V to 220V AC 200V to 220V AC
Output Frequency 50Hz +- 0.5Hz 50Hz +- 0.5Hz
Change Over Time <40msec <10msec
Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Normal/UPS Overload 120%(for 5sec)
Normal/UPS Short Circuit 300%(for 1sec)
Technology DSP/Microcontroller based Sine Wave Technology
Auto Reset Feature Available
Solar Hybrid Charge Controller
Technology DSP/Microcontroller based intelligent battery charging and charge sharing with mains
Charge Controller Type PWM based
Peak Battery Charging Current 30Amp
Charge Controller Efficiency >=95%
PV Reverse Polarity Protection Available
Reverse Current flow to PV Module Protection Available
Solar Panel
Rating(VA) 2200
System Voltage(V) 24
Charging Current Normal Charge: 14A (+-) 1A
High Charge: 20A (+-) 1A
SPV Panel(WP Max) 1800
Charge Controller(A) 50


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