Solar Sine Wave Inverter 650Watt 800VA


A purely solar power solution for general lighting load is very expensive as far as initial investment is concerned. Also, due to frequent power failure, a regular battery backup UPS/Inverter barely gets time to charge the battery from mains utility. The Hybrid Version combines solar energy and mains utility to give an excellent solution by providing the best of both worlds. 

Our hybrid home UPS is designed with extreme flexibility so that you can add panels as and when required in the future to increase the percentage sharing of solar power.

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Applications Specifications
  1. Computers.
  2. Home Entertainment Center.
  3. Office Equipment.
  4. Lighting.
  5. Home Appliances.
  1. Inverter Peak Efficiency > 90%.
  2. Solar charge controller efficiency >98%.
  3. 30% extra back –up compared to other conventional home UPS.
  4. Compact design & light weight.
  5. Built-in Solar MPPT charger.
  6. Auto charging from grid and Solar.
  7. Option of maximum usage of Solar power.
  8. 20 -25% savings in electricity.
  9. Compatibility with generator.
  10. No noise and pollution.
  11. Complete shockproof ABS enclosure.
  12. Easy to handle & maintain.

Option 1

600w option1

Option 2

600w option2

Price Options:

We have worked out different options based on different loads and applications. As batteries are very heavy and expensive to transport therefore they are best bought locally and also servicing is possible locally.

Only Solar Inverter without  Battery Price: Rs. 9000
(all India courier charges are not included)

Options Accessories Examples Price
Option1 Battery (has to be bought locally) 1 Ceiling Fan = 4 Hrs. OR
100 watt solar panel
Generates 400W Power per Day
Examples for Working Hrs.
2 Tubelights = 4 Hrs. OR
1 Fan + 2 Tubelight = 2 Hrs. OR
Computer with Monitor = 2.5 Hrs.
Total Cost (courier charges extra) Rs. 19000
Option2 Battery (has to be bought locally) 1 Ceiling Fan = 6 Hrs. OR
150 watt solar panel
Generates 600W Power per Day
Examples for Working Hrs.
2 Tubelights = 6 Hrs. OR
1 Fan + 2 Tubelight = 3 Hrs. OR
Computer with Monitor = 4 To 5 Hrs.
Total Cost (courier charges extra) Rs. 24000
Option3 Battery (has to be bought locally) 1 Ceiling Fan = 8 Hrs. OR
Max 200watt solar panel
Generates 800W Power per Day
Examples for Working Hrs.
2 Tubelights = 8 Hrs. OR
1 Fan + 2 Tubelight = 4 Hrs. OR
Computer with Monitor = 5 Hrs.
Total Cost (courier charges extra) Rs. 29000

Note:- Battery has to be bought locally.

12V 80Ah OR 12V 100Ah OR 12V 120Ah OR 12V 150Ah

9 Amazing Features That Makes Belifal’s Inverter An Intelligent Solar Inverter In India

Cost Savings:
It is fully cost efficient as it is a hybrid home UPS. With solar panels, Solar Inverter can generate electricity through the renewable source of energy, that is, the sun. Therefore, the electricity bill are highly reduced.

Battery Protection Feature:
To ensure that the inverter and the battery work efficiently, Solar Inverter has an inbuilt back feed protection feature. This keeps the battery safe from any damage and also stops the back flow of the voltage that keeps the battery unharmed.

Automatic Bypass Feature:
The amazing Automatic Bypass feature in Solar Inverter ensures that even after any internal problem in UPS, the inverter turns on the load bypassing the Mains without any glitches. Wiring is no longer a worry too and thus, the customer needs not to be dependent on any electrician for the basic repairs.

Charging Sharing:
Intelligent customers choose an intelligent inverter. For the first time in India, Solar Inverter comes with a unique charge sharing feature. This means that it sends out the right amount of charge to the battery so that it can work efficiently and stay protected.

Enable/Disable Grid Charging:
Now with Solar Inverter, the customer has an upper hand and can choose what he needs. The customer can now select if he wants to charge the inverter through the grid or not just with the help of a small switch.

Solar Priority For Charging:
This comes across as the most important feature of Solar Inverter. This home UPS gives priority to solar for charging. During day time, you can charge the battery through solar panels and even run your load. This saves the electricity, and reduces your electricity bills.

Overload Protection:
Solar Inverter protects itself against high current too. This means that when the current passed in the system crosses the default limit, the LED blinks and the charging stops ensuring that the system stays protected. The system restarts properly after 5 minutes.

Short Circuits Protection:
Ever heard of an inverter that stays unharmed even in case of a short circuit? Yes, Solar Inverter is protected against almost all harms, one of them being short circuits. Once the short circuit is repaired, the system starts working like before.

Custom Settings Option For You:
Now you can customize the inverter options suiting your requirements. You can choose when you want to switch to grid charging to get the best power back up solutions. Solar Priority is usually selected where power cuts are less.


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