SunShare including 12 MW of Colorado neighborhood solar by 2021

SunShare adding 12 MW of Colorado community solar by 2021

SunShare, a residential solar developer, is building three new residential solar systems with a total capacity of 12 MW that are expected to start operating in 2021 and produce enough solar energy to power 3,000 homes in Colorado. SunShare has also developed new subscription options specifically designed to expand the access of households to clean, roofless energy.


Homes that subscribe to these new gardens have the option of a one-year subscription outside of the industry-standard 20-year contract, as well as the option of foregoing the traditionally required credit check by registering with Autopay. These new offerings are designed to increase solar participation by groups in the community who may previously have been reluctant to make long-term commitments, such as renters or students looking for more flexibility in participating in renewable energy programs, the company said in a press release.

SunShare has also streamlined the registration process with a redesigned website that allows residents to subscribe online with just a few clicks. And they have a new referral program that offers subscribers and their friends and family gift cards to local businesses suffering from the effects of COVID-19, or donations to nonprofits.

“We’re giving consumers more power,” said Corrina Kumpe, COO of SunShare. “With these improvements, we can fill the spirit of the Solar Community by expanding access to everyone and reinvesting in the local communities we serve.”

Community Solar is an option to participate in solar energy for homes with unsuitable roofs or for renters, and past barriers such as contract length and credit checks limited the percentage of homes that wanted to participate. Residents can take their subscriptions with them when they move to another location within SunShare’s growing Colorado and Minnesota service area.

“SunShare has always been committed to solar energy in residential areas. We are excited to expand our offering so that more people in our home state of Colorado can benefit from clean, renewable energy,” said Kumpe.

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