KACO releases new 125-kW silicon carbide inverters for U.S. market

KACO releases new 125-kW silicon carbide inverters for U.S. market

KACO new energy is expanding its product range to include additional solar PV inverters with innovative silicon carbide power transistors. The new inverters offer commercial and industrial customers numerous opportunities to increase the cost efficiency of PV systems. The corresponding power of the inverters is 105 kW in the international version and 125 kW for the North American market.

The mains voltage of 400 V enables the blueplanet 105 TL3 to be connected to an existing transformer at no additional cost. The 480 V version with an output of 125 kW follows the same principle for the North American market. Both inverters are therefore designed to increase the profitability of commercial and industrial PV systems.

“The power transistors of the blueplanet 105 TL3 are made of silicon carbide, which is characterized by its high thermal load capacity. Compared to its predecessor blueplanet 92.0 TL3, the blueplanet 105 TL3 has almost 15% more power – it has more power under the hood, so to speak. Nevertheless, we managed to keep the mechanical dimensions of the device identical to those of the predecessor. We respond specifically to customer requests in order to reduce the initial investment, ”said Kurt Desimpelaere, CSO of KACO new energy.

With these new inverters, the usually high costs for grid and system protection can also be minimized. The necessary section switches are integrated in the blueplanet 105 TL3 and can be activated directly from the control unit. The inverter enables 1.5 times its AC output to be oversized. a feature that it owes to the heat-resistant silicon carbide power transistors.

To protect against overvoltage, the Blueplanet 105 TL3 has arresters of type 1 + 2 on the DC side; The arresters for the AC side as well as the RS485 and Ethernet interfaces can be retrofitted with a single clockwork. Only a screwdriver is required for servicing the inverter. Commissioning and updates can even be carried out remotely.

Together with the new inverters, KACO new energy has modernized its range of direct current combiners. Together with the inverters, the string collectors guarantee great flexibility for commercial and industrial PV systems. The inverters are installed centrally, while the DC combiners are installed near the PV modules. This “Virtual Central” concept avoids AC power lines on the roofs and – if necessary – safety requirements for arcing faults and fast shutdown can be implemented very practically in the DC combiner.

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