Solar powered quaysides at Port of Hull as ABP unveils UK’s largest rooftop array

Solar powered quaysides at Port of Hull as ABP unveils UK's largest rooftop array

The UK’s largest commercial rooftop solar array was presented in Port of Hull.

A staggering 21,000 solar modules make up the 6.5 MW facility, valued at £ 6.8 million. Associated British Ports has more than doubled renewable energy generation in the Humber.

It is equivalent to supplying 1,450 British households and, in addition to investments in electric cranes, forklifts and other important equipment, will make the logistics on the quays more environmentally friendly.

In recognition of the work done through the pandemic, Simon Bird, ABP’s Humber Director said, “This has been a big project for ABP and our contractor, Custom Solar.

“I am delighted that the Port of Hull has now received the award for Britain’s largest commercial rooftop facility. Our goal is to further reduce emissions caused by port operations by implementing a mix of clean power generation and continuing to invest in hybridized port equipment.

“Every effort and every investment to reduce our carbon footprint contributes to the environmental goals of the region. This and similar programs also help to secure the energy supply of ABP, which makes very good economic and ecological sense. “

The Port of Hull bathes in the early morning sun as the UK’s largest rooftop commercial solar system starts up on the quayside.

It is estimated that the investment will displace 2,600 tons of carbon dioxide annually with the fuel being converted to electricity and cleaner generation versus fossil fuels.

And since ABP is already at the center of the renewable energies revolution at the energy mouth with offshore wind operation, biomass handling and the potential for the export of green hydrogen, it will play a key role in achieving the net zero target of 2050.

The project team chose solar technology as the energy source and was aware of the huge roof space the port offered.

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Custom Solar began installing the solar modules in October 2019 after months of planning, with other external partners such as Northern Powergrid involved.

More than 7 km of fiber optic cables unite the various buildings with 52 inverters and two transformers that complete the construction.

Matthew Brailsford, General Manager of Custom Solar in Chesterfield, said, “It is another proud moment for the Custom Solar team and our customer Associated British Ports as we deliver another legendary rooftop solar system.

Port of Hull has the UK's largest commercial rooftop solar array.

Port of Hull has the UK’s largest commercial rooftop solar array.

“Obviously this is in a very special category as it is the largest in the UK. The project was in the planning stage for almost two years before construction began. Because of the complexity of the system we deliver, this is another reason why the system is incredibly unique and tailored to the needs and environment of the customer.

“With the reduction of CO2 emissions, CSR and significant financial savings on the agenda of all large companies in such a challenging time, we see solar as the perfect solution. The future is solar powered and we look forward to showing the way. “

Grimsby is now on the horizon for ABP and Custom. The certificates will go well beyond the self-sufficiency of 29 percent of the energy demand that this system has made possible.

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Mr. Bird added, “Now that ABP has completed the solar systems in the ports of Immingham, Goole and Hull, ABP has already begun to understand the next phase of our ambitions. “Grimsby will be our focus as the port is home to the growing offshore wind sector. We want to reduce our carbon footprint again through a mixture of clean energy generation. “

ABP launched its core strategy in January 2020, which outlined the company’s commitment to accelerating the generation and storage of green energy for port operations as well as for new manufacturing facilities in its ports.

For the past two years, ABP Humber has invested in making the most of on-site power generation.


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