Land O’Lakes groups with C2 Vitality Capital on three neighborhood solar initiatives

C2 Energy Capital

Land O’Lakes and C2 Energy Capital work together on three solar community projects

C2 Energy Capital LLC, a fast growing renewable energy and storage investor, recently announced that Land O’Lakes, Inc. has subscribed to three of its completed solar community gardening projects near the Minnesota agricultural cooperative headquarters. Providing resources for farmers to mitigate environmental impacts while increasing profit margins, Land O’Lakes subscribes to the clean power generated by the community’s solar gardens owned and owned by C2 Energy Capital near Woodbury, Minnesota operate.

“The efforts by Land O’Lakes to support farmers, retailers and food companies are impressive. We look forward to working with an organization that shares the same quality values ​​and creates a win-win situation for its members and the environment, ”says Candice Michalowicz, co-founder and managing member of C2 Energy Capital.

The collaborative solar projects total over 4 megawatts in size and will be installed with SolarEdge inverter technology, which is known to maximize the project’s energy yields and provide the most advanced security for a quick shutdown. The site’s solar energy production is expected to produce more than 2,000,000 kilowatt hours per year. This corresponds to an annual compensation of 1,537 tons of greenhouse gas emissions or an amount of carbon sequestrants of 1,847 acres of forest in one year.

As one of the largest farmer-owned agricultural cooperatives in the United States, Land O’Lakes, Inc. established the Truterra Sustainability Solutions business in 2016 to advance its food system management and economies of scale efforts.

“In agriculture, our responsibility is defined by the continuous improvement of air, soil, water and the safeguarding of our natural resources for generations to come,” said Bryan Crane, senior manager of raw material and energy risk at Land O’Lakes. “We have seen firsthand that C2 Energy Capital shares the same ongoing commitment to building, maintaining and operating its solar parks and we are confident that we will be in good hands for decades to come.”

C2 Energy Capital’s renewable energy project portfolio includes over 120 operational projects in 16 states, including landfill solar, decentralized generation, commercial and industrial, large-scale and municipal solar projects. C2 Energy Capital has extensive knowledge of the financing and development of solar projects and can look back on decades of success in the acquisition, development and completion of projects.


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