EDF Renewables upping California winery’s resiliency with solar + storage mission

EDF Renewables upping California vineyard's resiliency with solar + storage project

EDF Renewables North America was selected by award-winning sparkling wine company Domaine Carneros to design, build and operate a resilient Solar + Storage microgrid solution. The system supports Domaine Carneros’ long-term financial and sustainability goals and is designed so that the entire facility can be brought to the island during a power failure.

The 250 kW solar system will be a combination of carport and floor installations, which are integrated into an on-site battery storage solution with 280 kW / 540 kWh. Together with the integrated intelligent electrical infrastructure and the sophisticated controls, the microgrid system enables the solar and storage systems to supply the system with electricity and to maintain 100% of its operation during a power failure, thereby reducing diesel fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and expanding fuel reserves up to a whole week.

Forest fires, power outages, and the PG&E public safety shutdowns have left power unreliable across California, putting products and business operations at risk. Domaine Carneros is one of the first in the region to implement a microgrid solution that uses all available resources on site to improve resilience and sustainability while reducing the costs of grid-connected operations and power outages. The resilient solution is part of a portfolio of microgrid projects that EDF Renewables is deploying in public and private facilities across California.

“We are excited to provide Domaine Carneros with a secure energy supply in times of uncertainty due to the increased risk of forest fires,” said Raphael Declercq, EVP for distributed solutions and strategies at EDF Renewables. “The blackouts and blackouts in California symbolize trends in prolonged blackouts due to extreme weather events. Clean microgrids are the next step in solar and storage solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help businesses with both network and power outages. “

The solar part of the project will lower the utility company’s energy bills, while the battery system optimizes operation by allowing the system to draw on the stored energy during the utility’s expensive evening peak hours. The energy storage system also reduces operating costs by discharging the battery to mitigate usage peaks and thereby lower demand charges. In the meantime, the microgrid system will lower Domaine Carneros’ diesel fuel costs and avoid renting expensive replacement generators for the firing times.

“Domaine Carneros is excited to launch this project with EDF Renewables, which builds on our robust sustainability program and existing solar energy array,” said Remi Cohen, CEO of Domaine Carneros. “As winery owners, we recognize the responsibility to act in an environmentally conscious manner. This installation is the next step in a 33-year history of responsibility and leadership in sustainability initiatives. “

The EDF Renewables Distributed Solutions group provides on-site clean energy for office buildings, utility companies, companies and industrial companies. The company supplies solar, storage and charging stations for electric vehicles as separate products or combined as a complete microgrid offering.

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