CS Vitality triples vitality storage enterprise in 2020

CS Energy triples energy storage business in 2020

Large solar company CS Energy announced that it has tripled its energy storage installations business. With more than 315 MWh under construction or in 28 projects as well as an additional 500 MWh pipeline, CS Energy has developed into a leading company in the field of solar + storage in the USA.

CS Energy’s most recent Solar + storage project at the Amesbury Landfill in Massachusetts was recognized for outstanding projects in a solar industry publication.

The Amesbury Landfill Project is owned and developed by Boston-based Kearsarge Energy in collaboration with the City of Amesbury and is being built by CS Energy. At the time of its completion, it was the largest solar and energy storage system in Massachusetts and the first in the National Grid area (part of the state’s SMART program) with 4.5 MW solar power and a 3.8 MWh lithium-ion storage solution that supplies electricity when required and stabilizes the network load. CS Energy designed, built and commissioned the Solar + battery storage project in less than four months.

“We have expanded our energy storage team and are improving our work through our safety and quality standards and partnerships with industry-leading integrators. We are well positioned to continue our growth phase, ”said Matthew Skidmore, CEO of CS Energy.

This award-winning project took advantage of underutilized communal land and turned the landfill into a renewable energy producer. The city of Amesbury will see spikes in local construction and maintenance, tax and lease generation, and energy loans to help reduce community electricity spending. New tax, lease and energy savings will total $ 3.6 million over the next 20 years.

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