SMA America Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Pioneering Solar Know-how

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This year marks the 20th anniversary of SMA America. Germany-based SMA Solar Technology has been in business since 1981 and expanded into the USA two decades ago. During this time, SMA America has established itself as an industry pioneer for solar technology and photovoltaic inverters for customers and partners.

SMA America was founded in a small town at the foot of California’s Sierra Nevada and has achieved important milestones while heralding a new era of alternative energy. The highlights of these milestones include a cumulative 13.6 GW of energy generated by central inverters and almost 6 GW by private and commercial string inverters. The company also claims 4.5 GW of O&M and service contracts in its portfolio.

“We are very proud of the impact we have made as solar pioneers over the past 20 years,” said Charles Ellis, vice president of sales and marketing for SMA America. “It has been a privilege to be part of so many projects and deliver cutting edge technology that benefits both the communities and the environment.”

To celebrate its history, SMA is running a campaign to honor customers who have broken new ground with solar energy. The PV Pioneers competition aims to not only recognize early adopters who have contributed to the transition to sustainable energy, but also to celebrate the mutual success between the company and its customers.

Anyone who installed an SMA PV or battery inverter at least 15 years ago and whose PV system is still in operation today can participate until December 31, 2020. Getting started is easy. Participants must post a photo of themselves and their SMA inverters as well as important information on social media using the hashtag #PVPioneers. Participants can also send their contributions to SMA by email ( SMA then uploads the submitted images to a social bulletin board that can be displayed on the SMA website. A jury decides and selects the 15 most impressive contributions. The winners will receive an exclusive Solar Explorer Pack for outdoor use from SMA.

With the anniversary celebrations, including the competition, SMA expressed its goal of thanking those who have contributed to SMA’s success. “Without the support of our customers and the way they have innovated with our products, we would not have reached this milestone,” said Ellis. “After what we have experienced in the last 20 years, we are very excited about the years to come.”

Click here to view the terms and conditions for the PV Pioneers competition.


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