Hecate Vitality first to make use of Ideematec’s newest trackers in solar venture

Hecate Energy first to use Ideematec's latest trackers in solar project

Ideematec, a global provider of solar tracking systems, was selected by developer Hecate Energy to provide 4 MW of its Horizon L: Tec solar trackers for an upcoming installation. The Newberry, South Carolina project is being installed by construction and project management company Reach Construction Group.

Hecate Energy uses Ideematec’s Horizone L: Tec solar tracker in a 4 MW solar project in South Carolina.

“With their efficiency-enhancing design, reliability under extreme conditions and extremely quiet operation, the solar trackers from Ideematec, Inc are an ideal match for Hecate’s Newberry solar project,” said Preston Schulz, Head of Development at Hecate Energy. “Ideematec’s trackers are essential to help Hecate accomplish our mission to make a measurable difference in the transition to a low carbon power grid. Construction projects that minimize disruption to neighbors while maximizing facility performance. “

This project will be the first to introduce Ideematec’s new tracking system, the Horizon L: Tec, which was launched at Solar Power International this fall. The new 2P-Tracker (Two-in-Portrait) has a patented locking technology that holds the module wings in position against extreme wind loads in order to reduce maintenance costs and extend product life.

The panels can remain in a stowed position at a 0 ° angle against winds at speeds of up to 180 miles per hour. The tracker can be seamlessly integrated into bifacial modules in order to generate more energy per tracker and can accommodate particularly large PV modules.

“We are honored to be working with Hecate and Reach on the Newberry project,” said Philipp Klemm, CEO of Ideematec. “Your decision in favor of the Horizon L: Tec Tracker underlines the importance of constant innovation among solar manufacturers. We believe our new design is the next benchmark in solar tracking where both durability and simplicity are paramount. “

The plant is well on the way to completing commissioning in spring 2021. Once the system is up and running, it will add to the state’s emerging solar market. With currently almost 1,477 MW of installed solar energy, South Carolina ranks 13th in the USA for solar use.

Message from Ideematec, Inc.


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