Perovskite Solar Cells Set to Rework the Market

Perovskite Solar Cells Set to Transform the Market

Perovskite-based solar cell technologies have attracted attention because of their low manufacturing costs and higher operating power and efficiency limits compared to first and second generation solar cells. This emerges from Frost & Sullivan’s latest analysis, which brings innovations to increase the efficiency of perovskite solar cells.

The analysis shows that technological advances are changing the solar industry. A shift from solar technologies of the first (silicon-based) to solar technologies of the second and third generation (amorphous silicon, perovskite and bifacial) can be observed.

“Perovskite solar cells have made significant strides in recent years in rapidly increasing operational efficiencies from around 3% in 2006 to over 25% this year,” said Abhigyan Tathagat, senior research analyst at Frost & Sullivan at TechVision. “Perovskites are materials that have similar physical structures and phenomenal operating specifications. In the future, the materials can be easily synthesized, making them a promising futuristic solar cell technology for making more efficient and inexpensive photovoltaics. “

The switch from first and second generation solar technology to third generation solar technology offers enormous growth opportunities. According to Frost & Sullivan’s analysis, players in the perovskite solar cell space should:

– Enhance your technical know-how with smart design, monitoring and control companies for long-term growth driven by the continuous transition to smart solar technologies to minimize human intervention in field operations
– Work with installers, system integrators and utilities to provide open access to consumers who need solar services and systems while enabling smooth operational and monetary transactions between system integrators and consumers
– Align technology and material developments with research and development mandates, network requirements, and consumer preferences
– Establishment of business and research consortia, associations or alliances to expand and establish R&D-supported collaborations that support technological development commercially

For more information on Frost & Sullivan’s new innovations to improve efficiency in perovskite solar cell analysis, please click here.


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