Nexamp Powers on First Neighborhood Solar Undertaking in Illinois

Nexamp Powers on First Community Solar Project in Illinois

The first of nearly two dozen solar projects under construction by the Nexamp community in Illinois is now operational, generating clean electricity in Edison’s utility area.

The project on Route 76 in Poplar Grove gives local utility customers the opportunity to promote clean energy and significantly reduce their annual electricity bills. It is one of the first solar collaborative projects to start operating under the recent Illinois solar programs established by the Future Energy Jobs Act.

Nexamp, a national provider of clean energy and storage solutions, began development efforts in 2017 in anticipation of the Illinois Power Agency’s Adjustable Block Program lottery. The company has partnered with Borrego, a community solar developer, to acquire the project and expand its fast-growing community solar platform. With Community Solar, consumers can benefit directly from local renewable energy sources by subscribing to a project and saving their electricity bills without having to invest beforehand and without having to install equipment on their property.

“Nexamp has set itself the goal of not only expanding access to clean energy, but also making this access fair and equitable for all residents,” says Zaid Ashai, CEO of Nexamp. “Our program aims to make it easy for everyone to sign up and take advantage of the benefits, regardless of where they live or under what circumstances. Clean energy should be a right, not a privilege. This is the first of many Nexamp projects to follow in Illinois next year, and we’re excited to make solar more accessible to all Illinois residents. “

Illinois Nexamp Community Solar subscribers receive a fixed 20% discount on billing credits they receive from their portion of the community solar farm. In addition to providing savings for subscribers, the Nexamp Municipality’s solar parks provide landowners with long-term rental income and contribute to the local economy during construction and throughout the life of the project.

Nexamp is also developing several projects under the Illinois Solar for All program, which caters to specially qualified, low and middle income households.

Click here to learn more about Nexamp’s solar efforts in Illinois.

Photo: Borrego Solars solar project Wauwinet


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