Related British Ports unveils UK’s largest solar panel set-up

The Humber is at the forefront of the Government’s target for the UK to be net-zero by 2050


ABP celebrates the completion of the UK’s largest rooftop solar array in the port of Hull

Associated British Ports (ABP) has unveiled the UK’s largest rooftop commercial solar array in the port of Hull.

The array will produce 6.5 megawatts of power, more than doubling the renewable energy generation from ABP Humber Ports.

ABP’s £ 6.8m investment will save 2,600 tonnes of CO2e per year, equivalent to the energy needs of 1,450 average UK households. The Humber is fast becoming the UK’s leading renewable energy company. Net zero clusters and more renewable technologies are used in the maritime industry.

“/>The Humber is at the forefront of the government's goal of Britain being net-zero by 2050The Humber is at the forefront of the government’s goal for Britain to be zero by 2050

The Humber also tops the government’s target of Britain being net zero by 2050.

Simon Bird, Director at ABP Humber said, “This has been a big project for ABP and our contractor, Custom Solar. I am delighted that the Port of Hull has now been recognized as the UK’s largest commercial rooftop array.

“Our goal is to further reduce emissions from port operations by implementing a mix of clean energy generation and continuing to invest in hybridized port facilities.

“Every effort and every investment to reduce our carbon footprint contributes to the environmental goals of the region. This and similar programs help to secure the energy supply of ABP, which makes very good economic and ecological sense. “

“/> ABP’s £ 6.8m investment will save 2,600 tonnes of CO2e per year, equivalent to the energy needs of an average of 1,450 UK households

The project team decided to use solar technology because it could be installed on the huge space created by the many warehouse roofs of the port. Custom Solar started installing the solar modules in October 2019, but the project had been in the planning for many months.

Teamwork was at the heart of ABP’s solar project, which was supported by many external partners such as Northern Power Grid. Custom Solar, working with the port’s management team, began developing the scheme to make the most of the space available.

Once the design reached its final stage, a detailed assessment of the power grid was carried out to plan the necessary upgrade and strengthen it – an important part of the project.

The installation of the 21,000 solar modules, operated by 49 global solar specialists FIMER’s PVS-100-TL 100 kW inverters and 3 PVS-50-TL 50 kW inverters, was completed in August 2020. The team was able to quickly adapt to Covid-19 work requirements as their established work practices were already socially distant in nature and Covid safe social facilities were introduced.

“/> The array will produce 6.5 megawatts of energy, more than double the renewable energy generation from ABP Humber Ports

Matthew Brailsford, General Manager of Custom Solar said, “It is another proud moment for the Custom Solar team and our customer Associated British Ports as we deliver another iconic rooftop solar system. Obviously this one is in a very special category as it is the largest in the UK.

“Due to the complexity of the system we delivered, the project was being planned almost two years before construction began. This is another reason why the system is incredibly unique and tailored to the needs and environment of the customer.

“Given the reduction in CO2 emissions, corporate social responsibility and the significant financial savings that are on the agenda of all large companies at such a challenging time, we see solar as the perfect solution.

“The future is solar powered and we look forward to leading the way.”

Filippo Carzaniga, Chairman of FIMER, said: “FIMER is excited to support this new era for the UK solar market. This was a groundbreaking project that is our first major solar development in the country and the largest of its kind. It shows how powerful solar energy can be and we are proud to have worked closely with ABP and Custom Solar to make this vision a reality. “

Renewable energy projects are now connected in 17 of ABP’s 21 ports. With the addition of the solar scheme in Hull, ABP’s Humber Ports can meet 29 percent of their energy needs, and ABP doesn’t stop there.

Simon added: “Now that ABP has completed the solar systems in the ports of Immingham, Goole and Hull, ABP has already begun to understand the next phase of our ambitions. Grimsby will be our focus: As the port is home to the growing offshore wind sector, we want to reduce our carbon footprint again through a mix of clean energy generation. “

ABP launched its core strategy in January 2020, outlining the company’s commitment to accelerating the generation and storage of green energy for port operations as well as new manufacturing facilities in its ports.

For the past two years, ABP Humber has also invested in hybrid cranes and electric forklifts to get the most out of on-site power generation.


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