Trade vets type solar web site funding fund SolaREIT

Industry vets form solar site investment fund SolaREIT

SolaREIT, an investment fund for solar real estate, is officially launched after securing its first capital round. The company is providing a solar land funding model that provides more opportunities to compensate landowners for using their land to house solar parks.

After the successful first round of financing, the company is actively seeking partnerships with US project owners, solar developers and landowners to provide financing options for land purchases and buyouts for solar leases. SolaREIT can offer developers and project owners alternative options to reduce their leasing costs.

“While solar developers use land leasing as their primary financing model, it doesn’t always work for landowners and farmers who may need instant access to capital,” said Laura Pagliarulo, President of SolaREIT. “Our goal is to expand the funding and compensation options that help the industry grow and thrive. We are giving farmers and landowners more compensation opportunities and developers ways to reduce their lease payments.”

Solar is one of the fastest growing energy industries in the US with over 85 GW of installed capacity. It’s also a land-intensive technology; The National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimates that solar panels will be 3 million acres by 2030.

SolaREIT expands options for all aspects of solar energy including:

  • Liquidity for landowners and farmers: Around 85% of all land for solar projects is leased. However, with ongoing economic pressures on farmers, many are keen to sell or monetize their lease payments.
  • Land Cost Solutions for Developers and Project Owners: As the total cost of solar energy has decreased, land cost, which historically was less than 5% of the total cost of developing solar projects, now accounts for approximately 15% of the total project cost.

SolaREIT has previously conducted land transactions in Maryland and Minnesota to help both its solar development partners and landowners meet their financial goals. SolaREIT’s innovative processes enable fast and efficient transactions and save time and money for everyone involved.

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