Partnership with REC Solar Panels for lowest solar costs in New England

Partnership with REC Solar Panels for lowest solar prices in New England

Above: Solar home owners (left) and large solar parks (right) benefit equally from purchasing volume solar modules.

On our journey as B-Corp, we learned that doing what’s right for people and the planet is often a good financial decision too. For our customers and champions, this means lower solar module costs.

We have had a long-term mutually beneficial relationship with solar manufacturer REC and we are delighted that this results in the best prices for residential solar panels we have ever seen. Thanks to the growth of our business area, our purchasing power has also increased and we can pass these volume savings on to our private customers.

We also received special training to become a ProTrust installer at REC. This enables us to offer one of the strongest equipment warranties in the industry – a 25-year guarantee on products, labor and performance. While much has gone sideways due to Covid-19, solar continues to show strong growth in 2020. At the same time, the costs for solar modules continue to fall. Remarkable, The only forms of new energy fed into the power grid last summer came from wind, solar and water power.

When you are ready to do your part to contain the climate crisis and earn some money in the process, get in touch to talk about your project!

With so many good choices, how do you choose a panel?

slim deep black solar module from REC

REC offers a variety of solar panel options including a jet black solar panel that looks very elegant!

Solar is a long-lived, reliable, and mature technology, and the cost of solar panels continues to decrease even as the price of conventional electricity increases. We are incredibly diligent and deliberate in finding new products to offer our customers. Our experienced purchasing and engineering team prioritizes relationships with vendors who, like us, are looking for mutually beneficial long-term relationships rather than strictly transactional.

The combination of competitive prices, a strong warranty and a product with performance comparable to any other makes REC our preferred manufacturer for many of our 2021 projects. We were also impressed with their sustainability efforts, including reducing waste, energy consumption and environmental impact in the supply chain. They also support a wide variety of social impacts.

It is rare that you get both the best price and the best quality, but we arranged that. Our close relationship with REC gives us financial and customer service benefits. In return, we can pass these savings on to you as the low cost of solar modules.

“The partnership between ReVision and the REC Group began in mid-2017 with a 500 kW project and has grown exponentially since then,” said Andrew King, Senior Account Manager at REC Americas. “The ReVision team is full of honest, committed people who are enthusiastic about their work and approach every interaction with professionalism, respect and fairness. REC Group prides itself on the relationship we have built with ReVision and we look forward to being part of their continued growth and success in the years to come. “

For solar nerds who want to learn more about the line of products we offer with REC Solar, visit their product website. Of course, our solar designers are familiar with the entire product line, and we encourage anyone with any questions to get in touch. We love working with homeowners to highlight the best products for them to help meet their solar energy goals.


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