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Solar Support starts a new service for manufacturers of PV systems. The specialized engineering office supports manufacturers in managing their customer service in order to offer cost-effective, high-quality customer service – whenever they need it. The advantages include technical excellence, flexible bandwidth, cost savings and enthusiastic customers in the residential, commercial and utility sectors.

Future-oriented OEMs gain competitive advantages through improved customer service, operational flexibility and lower costs

November 18, 2020. Engineering services company Solar Support has unveiled a tiered customer service solution for manufacturers of inverters and power electronics in the United States. With 22 years of on-site experience, Solar Support reliability professionals now provide turnkey on-site and back-office support, reducing OEM customer service costs and increasing operational bandwidth. Additionally, solar support teams work with customers to design and implement their own end-to-end service infrastructures to ensure the highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction.

“Our Flex Labor solution helps manufacturers deliver faster, higher quality customer service at a lower cost,” said Auston Taber, CEO of Solar Support. “Since our after-sales service is designed for flexibility, we can ship as required. This leads to fewer truck rolls, lower operating costs and satisfied customers.”

As an independent third-party provider, Solar Support brings in-depth equipment knowledge and field troubleshooting experience from leading brands. The company’s new offering includes hotlines for technical service, flexible field service technicians and spare parts on demand to ensure prompt and cost-effective repairs.

“We are thrilled with the relentless service the Solar Support team provides,” said Jing Tian, ​​Country Manager at Ginlong (Solis) Technologies USA. “Their in-depth product knowledge and highly professional technicians have definitely earned our trust. Treating our customers with the utmost care and lowering our service costs create the ultimate win-win situation.”

Solar Support helps manufacturers design and build automated, standardized customer service systems, including setting up telephone lines. Development and integration of ticket systems; Reporting; and training of customer service personnel. These optimized infrastructures offer faster and higher quality service (up to 30 local calls per day) with scalable staff and lower costs.

Manufacturers also benefit from the documentation of standard operating procedures, which retain valuable product knowledge in-house, and from access to secure online databases to protect proprietary technologies.

Information on solar support

Solar Support is an engineering services company that provides utility systems with reliability, recovery, and recovery of equipment and systems. Solar Support offers O&M providers, asset owners / managers, EPCs and manufacturers the highest standard of service and offers in-depth know-how based on more than two decades of practical experience with inverters and other PV power electronics. Solar Support’s proven expertise in troubleshooting device failures and reducing costly on-site visits makes Solar Support the most effective power resolution option on the market. Through consulting, training and process development, Solar Support enables customers to solve problems autonomously, while the industry’s first knowledge portal helps contractors solve problems efficiently. Visit to learn more about our reliability and restoration expertise.

Media contact: Fabienne Rodet, Marketing Director, 650.804.2504


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