LONGi Excessive-Effectivity Bifacial Module Shipments Attain 10 GW

LONGi High-Efficiency Bifacial Module Shipments Reach 10 GW

Shipments of LONGi Solar’s highly efficient bifacial modules have now reached 10 GW with the expectation that production will reach 12 GW by the end of the year.

Bifacial modules are a major development in solar panel technology. Thanks to their low LID and high efficiency, they are now well on their way to becoming the standard PV modules. In 2017, LONGi was one of the earliest vendors to promote this technology with its Hi-MO2 bifacial module.

In 2018, the Hi-MO 3 with half-cut technology and bifacial cells was launched. The Hi-MO 5 bifacial module was launched earlier this year and is available to investors in utility-scale PV systems around the world. LONGi achieved the mass production of bifacial modules based on PERC technology in 2017, which were applied as part of the Chinese Top Runner program. The company’s bifacial modules have since been installed widely around the world, from a 390 MW project in Aswan, Egypt to a 224 MW installation in Georgia.

LONGi’s internal research suggests that the market share for bifacial modules will increase. As production increases (i.e. more data available and improved design), additional costs incurred in making the back of a bifacial module can be offset by reducing the LCOE and improving profitability.

The Hi-MO 5 module is designed for extremely large power plants with a maximum output of 540 W and an efficiency of 21.1% to ensure both performance and long-term reliability, according to the company.

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