Maxout Renewables beginning prototype testing of grid stand-in machine

Maxout Renewables starting prototype testing of grid stand-in device

Maxout Renewables is addressing the challenging problem of solar power supply with a new system called Evergrid.

“The problem with residential solar power right now is that very few rooftop systems can generate electricity when the grid goes down,” said Dr. Eric Cummings, President of Maxout Renewables. “Battery backup systems can do this job, but at a cost of $ 10,000 to $ 30,000. This is simply more than most homeowners can afford. So go without it. And if the power grid fails, the entire solar capacity on the roof also goes dark. “

Most solar systems require the presence of a power grid to maintain a constant voltage and to provide surge voltage when starting up large devices (refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.). When the grid is not in place, most systems automatically stop producing power just when homeowners need the most electricity.

Maxout develops the Evergrid, a stand-alone device that stands for the grid in the event of a power failure. The Evergrid maintains the voltage waveform so that a solar system can continue to generate electricity in the event of a power failure. It also mechanically stores energy to meet the voltage spike requirements when starting large devices. With a target price of $ 1,000, Evergrid provides an affordable solution for most homeowners, whether they already have solar panels or are considering new ones.

“When there is a power outage, the first few watts of power are most important,” said Cummings. “To be able to charge cell phones and laptops and keep running a refrigerator and air conditioning is so important in a home, especially now with so many families working and studying in the home. We develop the Evergrid so that daily life functions regardless of the grid conditions. “

The Evergrid also benefits systems that have battery backup. By providing the shock power, the Evergrid enables a battery system to be dimensioned for the continuous load of a house and not for the maximum shock load. This reduction in system size results in a significant reduction in up-front installation costs. The Evergrid’s surge power also protects the batteries from overload events, a common cause of service calls to backup battery systems.

Maxout developed the Evergrid with support from the American Made Solar (AMS) award, a competition to promote US solar manufacturing.

“With funding from the AMS and support from its network, we were able to bring the Evergrid from concept to prototype in less than twelve months. We are very focused on getting the product to market within the next twelve months, ”said Cummings.

Cummings said the company is now contacting solar installers to help with pilot tests. Maxout is also working to certify the Evergrid before further testing and sales. The company will focus its initial efforts in California, Florida and Puerto Rico, regions where the grid is particularly unreliable and where solar power for homes is both economical and productive.

“Affordable backup power was a missing piece of the energy puzzle,” said Cummings. “We believe the Evergrid is the missing piece.”

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