Aviva Powers Solar Carport Array with Q CELLS Modules

Aviva Powers Solar Carport Array with Q CELLS Modules

Aviva, one of the UK’s largest insurers, has completed one of the UK’s largest solar powered carports at the company’s Scottish headquarters in Perth. The 1.07 MW carport array was built by RenEnergy, a renewable energy developer, using 3,283 Q.PEAK DUO-G5 solar modules from Q CELLS, a total power solution provider in the solar cell and module market.

Thanks to the recently completed solar carport, Aviva can use 77% of the energy generated on site thanks to a 1.8 MWh Tesla power pack battery and 50 individual charging stations for electric vehicles. The solar carport has 342 parking spaces. Plans to develop a solar carport began 18 months ago when RenEnergy began discussing a further collaboration with Aviva after completing a first solar carport at the insurer’s Norwich site. This 600 kW solar carport was completed in March 2019, also with Q.PEAK DUO solar modules from Q CELLS.

“You rarely have the opportunity to work on a listed building and change its energy efficiency and its contribution to climate change,” says Damian Baker, Managing Director of RenEnergy. “The challenge for this project was integrating everything, including the aesthetics of the site, the solar carport, the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and the battery storage. It was critical that the client had a return on investment and that we made sure everything was communicated and managed seamlessly. “

The newest 1.07 MW solar carport was co-financed by the Scottish government and the EU. RenEnergy assisted Aviva in submitting an offer to secure funding from the Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Program (LCITP), a European regional development fund set up in accordance with the EU and the Scottish Government. Overall, the LCITP covered 50% of the solar carport’s investment costs, while Aviva financed the other 50%.

Thanks to the flexibility of the Tesla battery on site, the completed carport can supply the entire Aviva site with electricity for five hours a day, independently of the grid. This allows Aviva to use stored solar energy in times of high electricity prices and thus deliver energy cost savings all year round.

The half-cell layout of the Q.PEAK DUO-G5 with six busbars and round wire connections helps maximize cell performance efficiency, which is further enhanced by Q CELLS ‘proprietary and patented Q.ANTUM technology – a passivation technique that promotes light collection and controls the degradation effects of LID (light-induced degradation) and LeTID (light- and increased temperature-induced degradation) to achieve a longer lifespan and long-lasting performance.


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