Growatt companions with the highest PV retailer in Australia, having put in over 2,500 residential PV storage methods – pv journal Worldwide


Australia is one of the most developed solar markets in the world. With supportive measures, the country has been a leader in residential PV over the years, creating a unique market floor for residential building storage.

November 25, 2020

In 2018, the Government of South Australia launched the Home Battery Scheme, which provides A $ 100 million in subsidies to promote the use of battery storage in households and is expected to benefit 40,000 households with up to A $ 6,000 each.

With professional services, Sunterra, one of the largest PV retailers in Australia, receives a large number of storage orders and Growatt has been selected as the supplier for these solar storage projects. With technological advantages in equipment and systems, Growatt offers one-stop solutions that integrate storage inverters, batteries and BMS. So far this year, Growatt has delivered over 2,500 residential PV storage systems in Australia, which are the number one inverter and battery brand.

Growatt also plans to launch its second generation batteries that can work with the SPH and SPA series, the most popular storage inverters in Australia. Compared to the first generation battery, the new generation GBLI6532 battery from Growatt has been updated with a remote control function. GBLI6532 enables service technicians to troubleshoot most battery problems over the Internet, reducing the need for on-site diagnostics and troubleshooting. This significantly reduces the maintenance costs of the battery system.

The installation and maintenance of the system is considerably simplified by providing the package solution consisting of inverter and battery. This can lower system costs, speed installation and delivery, and improve the return on investment in a solar system. The entire system is guaranteed by Growatt’s local service team in Australia to ensure the long-term safety, stability and efficiency of the systems. Growatt will continue to invest in technological innovation and bring more advanced products and solutions to the Australian market.


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