LONGi Provides Modules to Vietnam’s Largest Solar Plant

LONGi Supplies Modules to Vietnam's Largest Solar Plant

LONGi Solar, a China-based solar technology company, has delivered its Hi-MO 4 series modules to Southeast Asia’s largest solar array – Phase I of the Xuan Thien Ea Sup project in Dak Lak, Vietnam.

The solar system recently put into operation by the Xuan Thien Group with 600 MW AC / 831 MWp on a supply scale has an estimated electrical output of 1.5 billion kWh per year.

“We are proud to be part of this great project by the Xuan Thien Group, which offers our trusted monocrystalline innovations,” said Dennis She, Senior Vice President of LONGi Solar. “LONGi believes that technological innovations will further drive cost optimization for solar energy and will enable us to drive dramatic change in the regional energy landscape through further such partnerships.”

With almost 2 million solar modules, a 500 kV / 1,200 MVA transformer station and a 22.2 km long 500 kV line, the project should be the largest solar power plant in Southeast Asia. Due to the joint efforts of developers, logistics partners and equipment suppliers – including LONGi – the facility was commissioned five months before the planned completion date. Construction of the facility began in April. LONGi signed an agreement in May to supply 273 MW of its modules for the project and completed the delivery well in advance of the agreed date.

Numerous projects to build large solar power plants are ongoing in Vietnam in order to bridge the expected electricity shortage with green energy. The Dak Lak province in the central highlands of Vietnam offers plenty of sunshine and a lot of fallow land, which is ideal for generating solar energy. The Xuan Thien Group plans to increase the capacity of the project to 2,000 MW AC / 2,800 MWp by the beginning of 2022 and to supply the national power grid with around 5 billion kWh per year.

Photo: The Xuan Thien Ea Sup Project


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