Sungrow Crosses 1 GW Mark for PV Inverter Shipments in Chile

Sungrow Inverter Shipments to Chile

Sungrow has reached the 1 GW mark for cumulative deliveries of PV inverters to Chile and took first place in the shipment ranking list in Chile this year.

Sungrow, a global leader in inverter solutions for renewable energy, announced that the company has achieved cumulative shipments of 1GW PV inverters to Chile and this year it has taken first place in the shipment rankings in Chile, what to use Chilean renewable energies and contributing to the coal phase. national goals.

The company said Chile is currently in the midst of an energy transition from fossil fuels to green energy. Investors around the world have flooded the Chilean renewable energy market and sparked a boom in the local sustainable economy. The country is among LATAM’s three largest countries for installed solar capacity with no feed-in tariffs required, while the falling PPA price is expected to demand lower system costs.

Sungrow provides turnkey 1500V solutions that enable advanced PV inverters, medium voltage transformers, monitoring systems compatible with bi-face modules and tracking systems, while also enabling a design with large blocks and a high DC / AC ratio, thus minimizing a LCOE is guaranteed. The products supplied by Sungrow include the 1500 V 6.25 MW central inverter solution for supply-scale systems and the 1500 V SG250HX string inverter for the flourishing decentralized generation systems as part of the PMGD program, which supports projects with a nominal output of up to 9 MW .

“Our actions are based on advanced technologies and deliver first-class products and services to be successful in a low-carbon world. The milestone of 1 GW marks a new beginning for our contribution in Chile, ”commented Gonzalo Feito, Country Manager of Sungrow Chile.

With the local subsidiary founded in Santiago, Sungrow has built up a comprehensive local team and is expanding its partnership with renowned companies such as Enel Green Power, ENGIE, Total. The company has delivered a variety of landmark projects including a 400 MW solar park in the Atacama Desert, billed as the largest seen in Chile to date.

Aside from Chile, Sungrow achieved a 1 GW shipment in another LATAM solar hub in Brazil earlier this year, making it the country’s top-selling inverter brand.


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