Skyhook Solar deploys solar charging stations in Navajo Nation

Skyhook Solar deploys solar charging stations in Navajo Nation

Skyhook Solar, provider of innovative, easy-to-implement solar solutions, has partnered with the Cameron Chapter Community to provide solar station kits for the Navajo Nation with the goal of providing families with a solution that enables resilient and safe lighting and small device charging Houses that lack the current infrastructure.

One of the stations offers free WiFi for students. The Aspen Global Change Institute, a non-profit research organization dedicated to advancing science and solutions to global change, is the tax sponsor of the pilot. Four solar station kits distributed throughout the community offer charging functions for up to 40 families at home.

“We are excited to partner with Skyhook Solar to bring renewable energy to the Navajo Nation. These solar stations will be an integral part of reducing kerosene consumption for lighting and providing our community with a safer, healthier, and more sustainable lighting option, ”said Jamescita Peshlakai, Arizona Senator and Cameron Chapter Community. “This initiative will also help our students stay connected and take distance learning during COVID by providing WiFi and device charging.”

Each of the four Skyhook Solar Station Kits is equipped with 400 watts of solar power and 56 USB charging stations. The stations were supplied as a flat pack with the necessary assembly tools and hardware for on-site assembly, making the kits perfect for seamless rural deployments. This flexible solution can be equipped with battery backup, USB charging and broadband functions depending on local requirements.

“Skyhook can provide power to people that the grid will never reach,” said Daniel Delano, CEO of Skyhook Solar. “The Navajo Nation was hit early and hard by COVID, and where internet access is restricted, the injustice of school closings intensifies. Charging some tablets from the Solar Station is a small step, but I’m glad we were a part of it. I would also hope this is a step in raising awareness – about the injustice of climate change against individuals and individual communities. “

The pilot project between Skyhook Solar and the Navajo Nation, which began in November 2020, marks the beginning of a partnership that provides a research opportunity to evaluate the feasibility of a future carbon offset program. One of the goals of the project is to offset kerosene consumption for lighting by providing sustainable solar station kits to off-grid communities. Kerosene lighting, which contributes to global carbon dioxide emissions, poses major health risks for communities whose lighting needs depend on kerosene. In this context, Skyhook’s goal is to provide off-grid communities around the world with brighter and cleaner lighting while providing power for communications and other needs.

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