UnitedSiC introduces new SiC FETs on Gen four know-how

UnitedSiC introduces new SiC FETs on Gen 4 technology

UnitedSiC, a US manufacturer of SiC power semiconductors, has launched the first four devices based on its advanced Gen 4 SiC FET technology platform. As the first and only 750 V SiC FETs currently available on the market, these Generation 4 devices enable new levels of performance based on high coefficient of performance (FoM) and power supply applications in the automotive, industrial charging, telecommunications rectifier, PFC in the data center and DC -DC conversion as well as renewable energy and energy storage.

These new SiC FETs are available in 18 and 60 Mohm options and deliver unmatched FoMs with reduced on-resistance per unit area and low self-capacitance. In hard switching applications, the Gen 4 FETs have the lowest RDS (On) x EOSS (Mohm-UJ), which results in less on and off loss. In soft switching applications, their low RDS (on) x Coss (tr) (mohm-nF) specification ensures less line loss and higher frequency.

According to the company, these devices not only outperform existing competitive SiC MOSFET performance regardless of whether they run cool (25 ° C) or hot (125 ° C), they also offer the lowest integrated diode VF with excellent recovery which offers low dead time losses and a higher degree of efficiency.

By expanding the UnitedSiC range to 750 V, the new devices offer more designer headroom and fewer design restrictions. This higher VDS rating also makes these FETs advantageous for 400/500 V bus voltage applications. With a widely compatible gate drive of +/- 20 V, 5 VV, all devices can be operated with 0 to +12 V gate voltages. This means that they work with existing SiC-MOSFET, Si-IGBTs and Si-MOSFET gate drivers.

Anup Bhalla, VP Engineering at UnitedSiC, explains, “These devices help address the challenges engineers face in industries with the highest voltage and power requirements – from DC-DC conversion to on-board charging and power factor correction and solar inverters.

“We will be announcing many new Gen 4 devices over the next 9 months that will further improve cost efficiency, thermal efficiency and design freedom. This will help all sectors meet the challenges of mass adoption and accelerate innovation. “

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