Kern Solar Constructions supporting module producer FreeVolt with PV carports

Kern Solar Structures supporting module manufacturer FreeVolt with PV carports

Kern Solar Structures is working with S2A Modular and FreeVolt USA to provide Solar CarPorT structures for their network of 35 “MegaFactories” across North America. The first phase of the partnership begins with the construction of two customer-specific 240 kW solar carport systems in the Patterson and Hemet MegaFactories from S2A Modular.

“Part of the success of S2A Modular was choosing the right partners, and we’re very excited to see what Kern can bring to the table. By using only high quality materials, they can make some of the best and strongest solar awnings in the industry, ”said John Rowland, President and Co-Founder of S2A Modular. “One of the most important features of Kerns Solar CarPorT is its expandability, which allows us to seamlessly add more awnings and solar generation capacity as needed. Solar is a critical aspect of our MegaFactory operations and we are confident that Kern can deliver structures that will last for decades. “

The first Solar CarPorT system to be installed consists of three separate carport structures that allow system expansion and increase in generating capacity as factories expand. The individual structures are coated with a two-tone polysiloxane protective coating in S2A Modular’s trademark green and white. They also feature laser-cut, backlit enhancements to the solar wrapping column, which include an illuminated S2A Modular logo.

These structures support a custom PVGRAF solar system developed by FreeVolt USA, which consists of more than 800 300W PVGRAF solar modules. FreeVolt USA is the world’s only manufacturer of graphene-based PV modules.

The MegaFactories are designed to be energy efficient, and the Solar CarPorTs and PVGRAF modules are important components and provide all of the energy needed to run the factory. Each MegaFactory will also use a large commercial energy storage system such as the Tesla PowerPack to store the energy generated by the FreeVolt modules.

S2A Modular has developed self-sufficient houses with bespoke features using modular construction, net zero and net positive energy efficiency using renewable building materials. Construction of the Patterson MegaFactory Solar CarPorT system is planned for late 2020.

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