Schneider Electrical hybrid inverter licensed to be used in Australian houses

Schneider Electric hybrid inverter certified for use in Australian homes

France-based Schneider Electric has announced that its XW Pro IEC hybrid inverter meets the safety requirements of the Clean Energy Council (CEC) in Australia, paving the way for use in on-grid systems, including residential solar and battery systems .

Schneider Electric Solar announced Monday that it has received the AS4777 standard certification for the XW Pro 8.5kW hybrid inverter / charger, which with its 230V output allows up to four units to be stacked to create a To deliver power of up to 34 kW.

Schneider has also confirmed elsewhere that the XW Pro complies with the inverter standards that have been made mandatory for all new solar systems in residential areas in South Australia under the strict new regulations of this state.

“The confirmation of AS4777 certification and compliance with CEC standards for the XW Pro IEC is a big step on the road to grid operations in Australia,” said Bernhard Kiechl, vice president of marketing, research and development, Schneider Electric Solar.

“We are pleased to be able to offer homeowners and installers our reliable solar and storage systems that contribute to the transition of the regions to a climate-neutral energy landscape,” said Kiechl.

According to Schneider, the XW Pro offers an “attractive package” for its high overload capacity of 1.75x and its ability to integrate with multiple energy sources and lithium-ion batteries, so that installers can cater to different customer requirements.

The inverters have intelligent energy management functionality – including access to Schneider Electric’s “robust” Insight platform for solar and storage systems, which provides monitoring and configuration functions with enhanced data security for end users and installers.

The inverters can be AC ​​or DC coupled. And they offer a “seamless transition to emergency power” with an integrated high-speed transfer switch.

The full data sheet for Australia can be found here (PDF).

“The XW Pro with the IEC configuration was launched with an emphasis on expanding the XW product line,” said Schneider.

“With the latest compliance certification, Schneider Electric wants to bring its field-tested, highly reliable XW Pro hybrid inverter to the Australian market.”


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