Phoenix Contact releases DC/DC converter for 1,500-V solar initiatives

Phoenix Contact releases DC/DC converter for 1,500-V solar projects

Phoenix Contact has released a new TRIO DC / DC converter that can be connected directly to solar systems. It converts high voltage DC power from PV strings to 24 VDC, eliminating the cost and effort of providing AC power for monitoring, weather stations, and other array applications.

The TRIO DC / DC converter has a large DC voltage input range and is suitable for PV solar systems with a nominal voltage of 1,500 V. The outputs are electrically isolated, 24 V direct current with currents up to 8 A. The TRIO DC / DC converter can be wired in parallel to the use of a decoupling diode for applications with higher currents or to a DC UPS for the emergency power supply.

The TRIO Power has a high efficiency of more than 90% and can therefore also be used in small control housings. Plug connections facilitate tool-free installation. The new DC / DC converter TRIO 1500 V also has a local DC-OK LED and a relay output for monitoring the output voltage. The device can be installed in parallel to increase the output power or for redundant operation. TRIO Power is certified according to UL 62109, which facilitates general system approval.

When used with the recommended overvoltage protection, TRIO Power is covered by the limited lifetime warranty from Phoenix Contact to ensure that the array has a high level of operational safety.

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