Solar Powered COVID-19 Disinfection Tunnel Developed By JMI Researchers

Solar Powered COVID-19 Disinfection Tunnel Developed By JMI Researchers

Solar powered COVID-19 disinfection tunnel developed by JMI researchers

New Delhi:

Researchers from the Mechanical Engineering Department of Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) have developed a solar-powered disinfection system to prevent the spread of COVID-19 or similar diseases in large gatherings, public and remote locations. This disinfectant can be produced by yourself using solar energy and tap water.

“The disinfection system is mainly intended for remote or public places such as banks, shopping malls, hospitals, wedding halls, party halls, airports, universities, schools, temples, colleges, etc., where the transportation of chemicals and electricity for disinfection is scarce, which is why the mixture is generated with available tap water using solar energy, ”says a JMI statement.

The invention – “Solar Powered Self-Generating Disinfection System to Prevent Coronavirus in Remote Locations” – has also been published in the Official Gazette of the Government of India’s Patent Office, pending the grant of the patent.

The solar-powered self-generating disinfection system was jointly developed by Professor Mohammad Emran Khan, HoD, mechanical engineering, and Dr. Osama Khan, Assistant Professor (Contractual), Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, invented.

The invention, according to the JMI statement, is based on overcoming the obstacles created by using the disinfection models in remote locations where power outages are frequent. The system is intended for remote or public locations with extensive solar potential and encompasses a large population.

The system consisted of solar systems – PV modules, charge controllers, inverters and battery systems as well as an electrolyte disinfection generator integrated with one another. A fine disinfectant mist is created in the chamber, which ultimately removes any harmful infections or bacteria from the incoming person.

The invention is suitable for all outdoor applications where masses are collected and requires only a small entrance area for the entire structure, a limited amount of water required for the entire operation. It has high efficiency in eliminating and suppressing bacteria and viruses, is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and has lower total and labor costs compared to other disinfection systems. The proposed system can be helpful in containing the current situation of Covid-19 by deploying this system in various public and remote locations where access to electricity and chemicals for disinfection is difficult, the statement added.


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