LG’s house battery firm simply revealed its new Tesla Powerwall rivals

LG's home battery company just revealed its new Tesla Powerwall rivals

Tesla Powerwall is getting more and more competitive. LG Energy Solution introduces a new home battery system that allows the lights to stay on even when the power fails. The new series LG RESU Prime and LG RESU Flex offer lithium-ion batteries for off-grid, solar and backup use. The company claims to have the largest household energy storage system to date.

Courtesy of LG RESU16H Prime which delivers a whopping 16 kWh of usable energy. It can also be scaled to 32 kWh with two units to enable really demanding applications. Available this month, it can deliver sustained peak power of 7 kW or 11 kW or 14 kW when two units are installed. In contrast, a Tesla Powerwall uses a 13.5 kWh battery and can deliver 5 kW of continuous power.

If that’s a little more than your home actually demands, the RESU10H Prime is a smaller version. It has a Li-ion battery capacity of 9.6 kWh, but can also be scaled to 19.2 kWh with two units. It is designed for 6 kW continuous output or 7 kW peak output or up to 10 kW with two installed units.

Both have features such as remote battery monitoring and are compatible with a wide variety of inverters for easier installation. This includes single-phase or three-phase as well as commercial or private. If you have a solar system, the RESU Prime batteries can be used to store excess electricity when you need it later. Alternatively, they can be downloaded from the network and kept as a backup in case this should fail at some point.

The LG RESU16H Prime is expected to go on sale this month, while the smaller RESU10H Prime will follow in March 2021. After that, however, LG Energy Solution is also promising a new, flexible battery system called LG RESU FLEX, which should launch in the second half of 2021.

It consists of battery modules, whereby 2-4 can be supported depending on the power requirement. In this way, you can install an output between 8.6 and 17.2 kWh. The sustained power output is between 4.3 kW and 8.6 kW or between 5 and 11 kW, and you still get remote battery monitoring and support for hybrid and even small commercial solar inverters.

LG Energy Solution has been spun off from LG Chem, the electronics giant’s battery division, and will focus on the global battery business. It’s certainly a growing industry: while Tesla’s Powerwall is one of the most iconic products for home batteries, it certainly isn’t alone. Just last month, the Shell subsidiary Sonnen launched its sonnenCore home battery system, which will also take over the Tesla system.


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