Sungrow Hits 2 GW Cargo of SG110CX for Vietnam Rooftops

Sungrow Hits 2 GW Shipment of SG110CX for Vietnam Rooftops

Sungrow has achieved 2 GW of the company’s SG110CX commercial inverter, which was delivered to Vietnam in 2020 for the rooftop solar market

Sungrow, a leading provider of renewable energy inverter solutions, announced that 2GW of the company’s unveiled SG110CX commercial inverter will be shipped to Vietnam in 2020 for the rooftop solar market, demonstrating the company’s strong competitiveness and continued efforts to drive Represents decarbonization of the local economy.

Vietnam has been the hottest solar hub in Southeast Asia in recent years due to the government’s favorable incentives and high levels of sun exposure. Renewable energies are in great demand on the Vietnamese umbrella market as they build a stable, economical and sustainable society.

Sungrow has supplied the flagship solutions for local roof systems, which are usually defined above 1 MW. The SG110CX with an output of 110 kW optimizes the configuration and maximizes the LCOE considerably. The high protection capacity of IP66 and C5 makes the inverter robust, even though it works on roofs where it is exposed to scorching heat or rain in the long term. Integrated into the AFCI function, the inverter can detect different arc currents and protect the system from an ignition source for a fire.

The company remains confident about its results in Vietnam this year as it continues to invest in product innovation and add sales, technical support and customer service to the local team. The umbrella projects that Sungrow delivered with the support of local sales channels across Vietnam are one of the key factors in the company’s success.

“There is still a lot of potential in the Vietnamese solar market, either on the roof or in utility-scale fields. Sungrow will facilitate the country’s energy transition and make solar energy easier and more accessible for the future, ”said Dr. Thang Vu, Country Manager of Sungrow Vietnam. The company is market leader with a market share of 45 percent and 25 percent respectively in the roofing and utilities sector.

In November the company announced that it would be the Cumulative shipments of 1 GW PV inverters Milestone to Chile and took first place in the shipment ranking in Chile this year.

“Our actions are based on advanced technologies and deliver first class products and services to be successful in a low carbon world. The milestone of 1 GW marks a new beginning for our contribution in Chile, ”said Gonzalo Feito, Country Manager of Sungrow Chile.


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