Sungrow Secures Contract of 90 MW Utility Scale Venture in Germany

Sungrow Secures Contract of 90 MW Utility Scale Project in Germany

Sungrow has delivered 21 units of its central inverter SG3125HV and 116 units of the string inverter SG110CX. The inverters include the ten MV stations with 7200 kVA and one MV station with 3600 kVA. The solutions meet the field requirements of scatter sizes. The greatest advantage of the SG3125HV is its easy installation and optimized operating and maintenance costs. The advanced engineering and the combination of central and string inverters enable Enerparc to carry out remote online analysis and quick troubleshooting.

Armin ScherlThe team leader for system technology at Enerparc explains: “We have been using Sungrow inverters for several years and are very satisfied with them. To ensure the highest quality output, we are always in close contact with Sungrow, so that the development of The New Generations can be tailored to our requirements. We have always had positive experiences with this process. For us, it is a safe investment to work with Sungrow. ”

Manuel silk wreath, Project Manager at Sungrow Germany, explains: “We have worked with Enerparc in Europe on various projects with a total volume of over 1 GW and we are pleased to know the trust Enerparc has in us and our products.”

The plant should achieve a total yield of around 90 GWh per year. This is then fed into the network on the basis of a power purchase agreement (PPA) and some EEG financing. The first delivery of the inverter solution began in July 2020. The power supply is to take place in 2021.

About Sungrow

Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd (“Sungrow”) is the world’s most bankable inverter brand, with over 120GW installed worldwide in June 2020. Founded in 1997 by University Professor Cao Renxian, Sungrow is a leader in the research and development of solar power inverters with the largest dedicated research and development team in the industry and a broad portfolio of products that provide PV inverter solutions and energy storage systems for commercial, commercial and residential applications as well offers internationally recognized floating PV system solutions. With a strong 23-year history of success in the PV sector, Sungrow produces power supply systems in over 120 countries and holds a global market share of over 15%. Learn more about Sungrow at


Headquarters in HamburgENERPARC is a leading utility-scale photovoltaic company that covers the entire value chain. Services range from development through design, procurement and construction to operation and maintenance as well as asset management and energy trading. ENERPARC was founded in 2008 and has developed into a global player with more than 250 experienced employees and licensed partners Spain, France, India, and Australia. ENERPARC has successfully commissioned projects with a total capacity of 3.0 GW and operates 2.0 GW.

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