Solar Powered air con set to chill this Aussie summer season » EFTM

Solar Powered air conditioning set to cool this Aussie summer » EFTM

Everyone is familiar with air conditioning, but of course not everyone has it for many reasons. Likewise, we all understand what solar power is, but maybe the costs put you off. Now an Australian company is combining both with a direct solar-powered split system air conditioning system from Solar ACDC.

At its core it is definitely just another split system air conditioner. And the solar panels installed on your property may be just another set of solar panels.

The difference, however, is that these solar panels are directly connected to the split system air conditioner without an inverter. This simplifies the installation and provision of the panels as part of the installation of the air conditioning at your site.

Ideal for rural areas where grid access is complex or lacking in electricity and ideal for those who are concerned about the cost of running air conditioning in the summer.

The cost of roughly $ 4,000 is more than your average split system, but it’s all-inclusive. In theory, you’ll never pay a dime to cool your home again.

Ideally, to keep the house cool in the summer (and winter) on a sunny day, keep the air conditioning on, and sleep comfortably and comfortably with the doors and windows closed.

Seniors may also be eligible for free installation – which further lowers those costs – under the federal government’s My Aged Care program.

Rob Miravet of Solar ACDC says, “Traditional solar systems and inverters have many limitations when it comes to cooling your home. Solar powered air conditioning systems solve these problems. ”

“Our solar air conditioning systems use special photovoltaic solar modules to supply the devices with electricity. These units are fully DC, which means they can accept variable DC power directly from the panels even when AC power is not available. In contrast to a normal solar system, which switches itself off when it is disconnected from the mains or when a power failure occurs, our devices work independently in daylight, so that no large amounts of money have to be spent on batteries, inverters and charge controllers. And because they operate off-grid, you can leave them on all day without using expensive coal-powered electricity. You can come and go in a chilled or warmed environment at will, depending on the season. “

Web: Solar ACDC

Solar powered air conditioning to cool this Australian summer


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