Encore completes 2.2-MW solar array for Vermont utility

Encore completes 2.2-MW solar array for Vermont utility

The Vermont Public Power Supply Authority (VPPSA) and Encore Renewable Energy have grid-connected the Lawrence Brook Solar project in Morrisville, Vermont.

The new 2.2 MW solar system is located on a property owned by Morrisville-based Jeanette Davis. Previously used for corn silage, the land is now home to a renewable energy project under a 25-year lease that brings Davis income and allows her to retain ownership of her family’s land.

The clean power from Lawrence Brook Solar is being purchased by VPPSA on behalf of Morrisville Water & Light. Like all utility companies in Vermont, Morrisville Water & Light is increasingly providing its customers with renewable electricity that meets the requirements of the state’s renewable energy standard. Part of the renewable portfolio must come from small generators in Vermont. Lawrence Brook Solar is expected to produce 3,500 MWh of electricity in the first year, surpassing the demand for renewable energy generation by 130%.

“Our mission is to keep electricity tariffs affordable for our community,” said Penny Jones, general manager of Morrisville Water & Light. “Our customers can be proud that their electricity comes from increasingly renewable resources and that prices remain low and stable.”

This is the second solar array to be powered by the VPPSA and Encore Renewable Energy public-private partnership. VPPSA and Encore have agreed to jointly build a 10 MW solar portfolio that will represent 16% of the peak demand of VPPSA member companies. Solar projects will be located in several coverage areas by VPPSA members.

As part of the partnership, Encore handles the entire planning, development, financing and construction of solar projects. VPPSA manages the resulting power generation and maximizes its value for the communities of its member companies.

“It is central to our mission to develop solar projects that benefit the local community,” said Chad Farrell, CEO and founder of Encore Renewable Energy. “Going beyond providing affordable electricity to tariff payers, Lawrence Brook Solar has the added benefit of being a reliable source of income that enables Jeanette Davis to keep her family’s land.”

The commissioning of Lawrence Brook Solar is another milestone in our partnership with Encore Renewable Energy, ”said Ken Nolan, VPPSA General Manager. “VPPSA’s mission is to help Vermont communities achieve their goals. We are grateful that Encore is helping us develop utility-scale solar energy that enables our communities to take advantage of more renewable, reliable, and affordable benefits To use energy. “

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