Manmaicha Solar Generator Manufacturing facility Suppy 3000W Energy Inverter Can Be Trusted In Want

Manmaicha Solar Generator Factory Suppy 3000W Power Inverter Can Be Trusted In Need

The up-and-coming manufacturer and marketer of solar-powered generators presented its 3000 W inverter for a safe and reliable power supply.

(ProNewsReport Editorial): – Bonnet Bay, December 18, 2020 ( – Manmaicha, the upcoming China inverter The company has launched its high frequency inverter with pure sine wave 3000 W to meet a wide range of power requirements. This inverter can power some lights, refrigerators, microwave ovens, laptops, etc.

High-frequency inverters with pure sine wave have the latest technology and can protect the most sensitive electrical devices. Sine wave inverters suffer from very little distortion and provide similar performance to the power supply. It also helps run the electric motors and devices faster and quieter without a rise in temperature. It can convert direct current from solar and other renewable energy sources to alternating current to power a wide variety of standard appliances and appliances. All of this makes it a trustworthy inverter in need.

Manmaicha Power Station Company Limited, based in Shenzhen, China, was founded in 2015. The head office is in Hong Kong. The company has been producing and marketing photovoltaic inverters since it was founded. portable power plants, Inverter generator, solar charge controller, solar batteries and various other related solar products.

“This has added a new feather to our laurel. It’s a great feat as a Inverter suppliers. Our research and development department works continuously on the development of existing products and the innovation of new products. Our products are made of high quality material and provide a safe and reliable power supply, ”said a company spokesman. “We are authorized Inverter supplier china. There is a great demand for this product. Our annual production is 6 million inverters and the sales volume is around 100 million US dollars, ”he said.

The 3000W inverter is extremely powerful and delivers continuous power with a power factor of 1.0. It has reverse polarity protection for the battery, adjustable solar and AC priority, an output frequency that can be set in the LCD menu and a bypass button. The inverter can deliver a maximum charging current of 30 amperes. All products meet the requirements of SAA, CE, SONCAP and ISO9001 certification, making them the most reliable inverters.

Sunwind also has a large production line of 10,000 square meters. They employ over 260 skilled workers. The company uses cutting edge technology and manufactures its products with professional care and attention to meet customer needs.

As part of its campaign to ensure unsurpassed customer satisfaction, the company offers unique customer service around the clock. Visit for more information.

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