Sunrun now providing clients SolarEdge Vitality Hub inverter

SolarEdge and Schneider Electric partner on new residential energy management solution

SolarEdge Technologies, a global leader in intelligent energy, announced that it has entered into a strategic supply agreement with Sunrun. As part of the agreement, Sunrun SolarEdges will offer the next generation of PV inverters, Energy Hub, to private customers.

SolarEdge is a key partner helping Sunrun support a complete home energy ecosystem by seamlessly integrating smart energy devices and optimizing home energy management through its Energy Hub inverter. SolarEdge and Sunrun believe in an electrified future and a continual reduction in dependence on fossil fuels. Together, the companies are focused on adding value to customers by offering products such as smart energy devices, battery storage, electric vehicle chargers, and other products to drive the electrification of the home.

“SolarEdge is excited to expand its partnership with Sunrun, a company that is instrumental in bridging the gap between utilities and residential solar managed networks,” said Zivi Lando, CEO of SolarEdge.

“We are expanding our new supply agreement with SolarEdge and continuing our shared vision to accelerate the adoption of innovative, intelligent energy technologies to enable a future that runs on the sun,” said Lynn Jurich, Co-Founder and CEO of Sunrun. “Sunrun with the SolarEdge Energy Hub will help drive the adoption of more affordable and reliable electricity powered by solar energy and batteries.”

Message from SolarEdge


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