POWERHOME so as to add rooftop solar to 5 municipal buildings in Harrison, Michigan

Dominion Energy Virginia signs 75-MW solar PPA with Savion

POWERHOME SOLAR was selected to install 659.4 kW of solar power in five municipal buildings across the city of Harrison, Michigan. The projects are installed in the town hall, in the fire station, in the water tower, in the pump house and in the wastewater treatment plant. These locations were chosen because they are the largest consumers of electricity.

The portfolio is a multi-phase project that started earlier this year and is expected to be completed in the coming months. The panels will offset approximately 97% of the facilities’ electricity costs.

Tracey Connelly, city manager and clerk for the city of Harrison, said her community prides itself on forward thinking and is determined to use taxpayers money wisely.

“The City of Harrison spends over $ 130,000 annually on budget in these locations alone,” said Connelly. β€œSolar energy is one of the most popular renewable energy sources. The financial savings and environmental benefits of solar power are the reason the City of Harrison decided to move to this clean generation of energy. “



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