Anaheim Solar One turning vacant California land into dual-axis solar farm

Anaheim Solar One turning vacant California land into dual-axis solar farm

Anaheim Solar One plans to develop a 3 MW solar PV project on vacant lot in Anaheim Hills, California using Mechatron Solar’s unique dual axis tracker solution. The site is designated as “Open Space” and has rolling hills and a characterless topography that is suitable for solar development. Anaheim Solar One has applied for conditional use permit for the site.

Each biaxial solar unit is mounted on a single mast to minimize disruption to the land area under the solar panels and to allow agriculture or grazing to coexist. The patented two-axis tracker design offers greater energy recovery from the sun compared to any other solar module orientation on the market.

The terrain is very hilly and does not offer sufficient subsoil for residential or commercial buildings, but with mounting foundations like that of Mechatron, the topography is suitable for solar development with minimal clearing and gradation. Project operations will typically be unattended with routine maintenance and washes twice a year. The project was developed to alleviate problems with the flora and fauna of the region while at the same time silently supplying the region with clean electricity.

The project will be at the intersection of Cannon Street and Via Escola Drive, a site that has historically been used as a recreational area for cycling and walking. Upon completion of construction, Anaheim Solar One intends to plant hundreds of fast-growing trees that will serve both an aesthetic and practical purpose by creating a park-like environment and ultimately the downhill view of the facility from most parts of the project Block off areas remote from the site.

The project will provide the community with a park-like environment with hundreds of trees, paths and benches shielded from the electrical components of the project for the benefit of community health and safety.

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