Tesla Powerpacks energy new ‘neighborhood battery’ challenge; ‘a giant Powerwall for neighborhoods’

Tesla Powerpacks power new 'community battery' project; 'a big Powerwall for neighborhoods'

Tesla has set up new power packs near Sydney, Australia, to serve as a new “community battery” for the neighborhood.

Over the past few years, Tesla’s energy storage division has been focusing on larger projects with its Megapack product, but powerpacks are still in play.

They have been used in medium-sized commercial projects and Tesla is finding another market for the product.

Recently they deployed an interesting new example called Community Battery in Australia, a key market for Tesla’s energy storage business.

NSW’s Department of Planning, Industry and the Environment announced the new project:

The City of Canterbury Bankstown is Firmly Addressing Climate Change!

In partnership with Ausgrid and the Australian Energy Foundation, the council will run a three-year test of the Bankstown Community Battery, which will help residents improve their energy efficiency.

The innovative initiative enables test participants to store excess electricity generated during the day so that it can be used at night to save money and reduce dependence on the electricity grid.

They shared some pictures of the Tesla Powerpack installation:

It is one of three similar installations being used in Australia as part of this new “community storage” model, where residents can tap into battery power.

Sandra Wierciński, project engineer at Tesla, described the project as “a great power wall for the neighborhood”.

“I am happy to have been part of this project. We installed Tesla Powerpacks for Ausgrid in Bankstown, Sydney. They will serve as community batteries that will allow residents of the area to store their excess solar energy during the day and use it at night. Like a big powerwall for the neighborhood! “

It complements Tesla’s other major energy storage projects in Australia, a market that yearns for the more energy stability and lower prices that renewable energy combined with energy storage can bring.

Tesla is known to have its “Big Battery” project in South Australia, but it also has a growing “virtual power plant” made up of powerwalls installed in customers’ homes.

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