9 causes to change to solar power in Australia

9 reasons to switch to solar energy in Australia

Published Wednesday, November 24, 2021, 8:39 pm

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solar(© mmphoto – stock.adobe.com)

It’s no secret that solar power is a great way to save money on your electricity bills. But did you know that solar panels are also good for the environment? Solar panel installers are helping thousands of Australians by providing them with free solar energy. This reduces their environmental footprint and gives them an easy way to save money on their electricity bills.

To learn more about solar energy, let’s dive in and examine 9 reasons why you should consider using solar energy in your home or business today!

# 1 solar panels are healthier for the environment

Solar energy is renewable, so it is a better alternative to non-renewable energy sources like coal. The installation of solar panels does not cause any waste or pollution during the solar panel installation process, apart from the occasional noise and heat generation.

Forget about expensive coal-fired power plants that pollute our atmosphere with greenhouse gases, or pay more to your electricity provider who continues to raise prices endlessly. Instead of wasting valuable resources, solar energy optimizes a renewable source – the sun!

# 2 Solar energy is a great way to save money on your electricity bills

Yes, if your energy source is free – you pay less on your electricity bills. A solar system is an investment that you will amortize in around five years. And you get free electricity from day one!

# 3 solar panels have never been cheaper

Due to advances in technology and manufacturing techniques, the prices of solar power systems have dropped dramatically in recent years. A solar installer can give you more information about how much your solar system would cost. There are also government incentives.

# 4 Solar panels can add up to 30% to the value of your home

In certain areas, solar systems are eligible for solar incentives that reduce the cost of a photovoltaic system by hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Not only does this help lower your electricity bills, but it also increases the property value and makes your home more attractive to potential buyers in the future.

# 5 Solar panels are long lasting

Photovoltaic modules typically last around 25 years and homeowners can expect their initial investment in solar modules to pay for themselves within the first few years of use. They are also not fickle or fragile solar cells – they are made of silicon dioxide (sand) and are durable!

# 6 Battery storage ensures energy independence

Off-grid living has many advantages and battery storage solar power systems are becoming the norm in Australia. With solar panels and batteries, you can live completely independent of power grids. You can reduce your reliance on traditional home utility energy companies.

Solar battery storage enables homeowners to generate clean solar power in daylight, which means no bill shock anymore! They can then use the electricity if necessary. There is no waste!

# 7 Solar panels aren’t hard to maintain

Most solar systems consist of an inverter, solar modules (panels), and cables that connect the system to the electrical circuits in your home. The maintenance effort for most solar systems is minimal or nonexistent. In fact, many solar power companies offer long term warranties on both panels and inverters.

# 8 Solar panels work

Yes, solar energy works. The sun is the most abundant source of energy in the world. Solar technology has come a long way in the past few decades to become more efficient and affordable than ever.

# 9 Solar energy lowers operating costs

Solar panels aren’t just for homes. Using solar energy in your business can help increase your bottom line through cheaper energy. Lower operating costs make your company more competitive.

Final thoughts

There has never been a better time to switch to solar energy!

Solar panels are beneficial in a number of ways, from reducing utility bills to protecting the environment. Some people have the misconception that solar panels are only for homes. But business owners can also benefit from solar panels, which can help reduce business costs.

So, if you are fed up with the ever-increasing electricity bills and want to save money, reduce your carbon footprint and use solar power for your home or business, it pays to make the switch to solar power today.


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