Gautam Solar expands Module Mounting Construction manufacturing capability from 50 to 500 metric tons monthly – Sectors

Gautam Solar expands Module Mounting Structure manufacturing capacity from 50 to 500 metric tons per month - Sectors

Renowned domestic solar manufacturer Gautam Solar recently expanded its manufacturing facility by increasing the manufacturing unit for solar module assembly structures by ten times from 50 tons per month to 500 tons per month. The state-of-the-art unit, based in Haridwar, will produce SMM (Solar Module Mounting) structures for solar pumps, solar power plants (Utility Scale & Rooftops) as well as solar street lights and tall masts.

The expansion of the unit will enable Gautam Solar to meet the Indian government’s ambitious renewable energy targets. The structures are designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 150 km / h, which contributes to robustness and longer service life. The products were designed by an experienced team of structural engineers and approved by renowned civil engineering institutes.

“Our expansion plans have been in the pipeline for some time and we would like to thank our founder and visionary technocrat, BK Mohanka, an ex-professor at Engineering College, for providing his expertise. More complex commercial projects such as airport hangars, food silos, warehouses, Gautam Solar gave the technical basis to expand its structure manufacturing unit Solar panels and structures are compatible with each other in a single place, “said Gautam Mohanka, Managing Director of Gautam Solar.

The tenfold increase in production capacity from 50 tons per month to 500 tons per month is a giant leap for Gautam Solar as the company strives to meet the renewable energy targets set by the Indian government and net zero targets set by the Honorable Prime Minister Modi Ji in. were set COP26.

This is another step in Gautam Solar’s vision for horizontal integration and Atmanirbhar philosophy from Honorable PM, where Gautam Solar manufactures all components of solar PV systems in-house. Manufacture of 250 MW solar modules (ALMM approved), solar electronics (inverters, pump controls, remote monitoring units), solar storage systems (lead-acid battery, Li-Fe battery, tubular gel battery) and solar module assembly structures.

“Previous solar system integrators faced the problem of incompatibility between the mounting structures and the solar module. Also, stand-alone structure manufacturers had no understanding of solar energy and missed tiny but important issues related to integration. Gautam Solar’s integrated solution and inherent knowledge base the solar industry helps with this, so Solar SIs can execute and deliver their projects much faster as they source all components from a single manufacturer ”- said Gautam Mohanka, General Manager of Gautam Solar.
Gautam Solar intends to become the complete solution for manufacturing all solar PV components in India.


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